Nubé Starter Combo

$349.00 $407.00

Ready for Air Camp?

This combo pack includes everything you need to get started Air Camping! Complete protection for you and your gear with our Nubé Hammock Shelter and perfected back country comfort with our Pares camping hammock! 

All inclusive system weight: 4.7 lbs (2.13 kg)

You will receive the following:

  • Total Combo Weight 4.7lbs

    Customer Reviews

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    so awesome product. but be careful choosing bright color.

    The dark lines on the Nube is a common aesthetic occurrence with all Nube MK iii. The reason for the dark lines is because during the manufacturing process, the black thread used to sew the Shelter seeps into the Nube fabric. Nube mkiii still functions exactly as it should and works properly!

    For aesthetic reasons, if you do not like the black faded lines on Nube, choose dark color.

    Weekend at Zion

    My girlfriend and I had the opportunity to test our New Nubé MK III this last weekend and we loved it. We hambunked , her in an xplor and me in a pares. It is very spacious, didn’t feel cramped or confined at all. She and I both agree the organization of all the lines and how everything has its place is amazing. Getting in and out does take some practice, so I guess we’ll have to keep practicing on some more trips. Our only complaint would be the little blue line locks on the sky line. They didn’t work as well I would have liked or expected. They were kind of a pain to use and slip easily. I made a couple of knots to keep this from happening. I think I’ll be switching those out for some metal hardware, possibly Dutchbling.

    Took it camping

    I received it in the mail on a Friday night and left to take it camping on a Saturday morning. I’m taking it out for a week and have slept great every night.

    Great design!

    I had the opportunity to take my new Nebue on the Superior Hiking Trail for 3 days. What a great design! Very easy to setup, and you don’t feel confined when you’re inside, unlike other bug nets. The gear storage for your pack is perfect!

    Can't Wait

    I have only had a chance to set it up in the back yard. But my best friend and some other buddy are going camping over the Memorial Day weekend. With setting it up in the yard it is amazing. It has all the attachments you could ever need. This set up will work for anyone. It is very user friendly, you will have no trouble setting it up or taking it down. Best investment.