Pares Hammock + EZSlings

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'if you Sleep, you'll love this!'

The Pares Hammock is known by adventurers all over the world as the 'Cadillac' of hammocks! Our Teslon fabric is incredibly strong and silky soft on your skin - you'll never sleep in the dirt again, and think about the views you can enjoy while perched in your comfy Pares palace! No pressure points just air sleeping bliss! 

EZSlings are included in this one time deal for tonight only! 

The Pares can fit 8 adults, no really look at the pic.... and no you don't lay like a banana, turning diagonal gives you a nice flat lay!


Customer Reviews

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Better Sleep!

Five being the highest, I rated my Pares Hammock the highest. This Hammock is so comfortable I actually sleep in it at home instead of a bed. I feel better, sleep better, and enjoy my sleep more now that I sleep in a hammock instead of a bed. First? I know my purchase supplied clean drinking water for someone I'll never meet somewhere in the world. I love that. When I sleep? I love being able to feel myself swaying as I fall asleep. But that's not the only thing. As I lay in my hammock at night preparing for sleep, I feel like every time I go to bed I'm on vacation. Really. I do sleep in a hammock instead of a bed now. The size of the Pares Hammock is comparable to a King Size Mattress - in my opinion. It supports me, and I love it. I've given one away, and I have two more.

Love my Pares Hammock!

I love stretching out and taking a nap in my Pares!