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The Air Table

Our hard-top Air Table brings all the convenience of cutting, slicing, and pouring on your kitchen table into the outdoors with the versatility of a lightweight, packable mealtime partner. You'll have a solid place to prep, eat, and play cards on the trail or during your weekend get away. The Air Table perfectly matches with our Air Chair (learn more about it below!) 

(Save by PreOrdering the Air Table and receive it in May of 2019)

The Air Table's open dimensions are 21 x 16.5 x 15 inches, it packs down to 21 x  4.7 inches, and weighs a scant 1 lb 14 oz! The Air Table comes with it's own carry bag and intuitively assembles in seconds, no tools required. 

Air Table

Air Table Dimensions

Don't miss out on adding the Air Chair!

The Air Chair

Comfy and Compact this little camp chair weighs in at 1.3lbs and holds over 280lbs!
(Save by PreOrdering the Air Chair and receive it in May of 2019)

It's comfy enough for the backyard fire pit, keep it in your shoe rack at the backdoor so it's readily accessible for those late night campfire stories and smores!

The Air Chair comes with its own carry bag and intuitively assembles in seconds, no tools required. 

Air Chair + Air Table the perfect match for your camp


A Micro Kickstart is the culmination of a problem we've been trying to solve, "How can we launch several new products every year, but only make what our people want?" Allowing us to serve our customers with a full line of Adventure Gear in a shorter amount of time! So here we are, this is a brand new Sierra Madre product that you now have an opportunity to partner with us in bringing to life by pre-ordering it. If you love it, buy it, we'll make it, and you'll enjoy a ridiculous savings!

Micro Kickstarts does this:

  1. Helps us connect with and serve you better!
  2. Give you access to NEW Sierra Madre gear at a crazy price!
  3. Help us stay nimble and focus on our mission!

Ready to join in? Pre-Order the Air Table and we'll handle the rest!

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