DelSur | Super Mid

"One of the most comfortable jackets I've ever worn."


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Most versatile jacket EVER

I bought these for me and my husband and we wear them everyday! They can be worn all seasons and dry super fast- especially if you’re caught in a surprise, afternoon thunder-banger. Or if you’re stuck in a cold hospital all day it’s perfect for staying warm and comfortable!

This is great! We really appreciate your effort and time to write us a review. Love these photos. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

David Lubell

I recently ordered the pullover with moderate expectations for it fitting my 6'8" frame. Wow, was I wrong. The jacket was lightweight, loved the zipper pockets on chest and pouch. The sleeve and jacket lengths were perfect, had enough stretch too. For lightweight pullover, it was warm and extremely comfortable. I am definitely considering the parka next!

Love to read your review. So happy on how you described DelSur, David. Thanks for your support!

Gerald Vance
Exceptional Design and Comfort

This is by far the best midlayer jacket on the market. The DelSur is durable, comfortable, and warm. I can feel the design difference. YouTube video placeholder

It's so great reading your review, Gerald. Thank you for your great support to the Sierra Madre. Have a great day!!!

Robert Flood
Del Sur

I have had this j jacket just a short time now and so far I find it one of the most comfortable jackets I've ever worn. I do alot of hiking and this jacket will definitely be part of my kit.

Wow! I'm happy to read this review. Thank you, Robert, for trusting the Sierra Madre!

Pares Hammock

"Game changer, the feel was smooth to the skin and size was perfect for me to lay anyway I wanted" Andrew


xPlor Hammock

"Perfect pocket sized hammock, literally fits in my pocket - fits with Pares perfectly" Mark

$89.00 $89.00*
$133.00 $133.00*
$49.00 $49.00*

Puffle Trail Quilt

"This thing is amazing, I've been looking for the  'perfect' adventure quilt for years.. this is it!"


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Giles Southwell
Love it love it love it

Took an absolute age to arrive in little old NZ due to Covid but worth the wait. Customer service was excellent- very prompt and friendly- as I kept asking for updates….. Not sure The quickest route to Christchurch is via Frankfurt🤔😂

Thanks for your kind understanding and for taking the time to write this review, Giles. We are so delighted that you love your Puffle and you are satisfied with our service. We appreciate your support!

Paul Paschal
Should I buy the Puffle?

I LOVE gear! So it was natural that I'd give Sierra Madre a chance with some of their gear. There are a lot of outdoor companies out there and no shortage of options now available for camp quilts. Overall, I'd say the camp quilt is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts. I still love my down mummy bag for winter camping but the Puffle is a very versatile option. I bought two of the 40 degree down Puffles. I used one recently as an underquilt and the other as a top quilt for my hammock on a backpacking adventure. They were perfect! The quilts are soft, warm, and pack down decent. We use the Puffles all the time just around the house. My wife and kids love how soft they feel and they are warmer than most of our blankets. You can wrap them around yourself and be on your way or snap a couple of them together with ease. When I buy products, I look for quality, durability/reliability, and do they function as they say. I don't care about "looks" as much because when you are out in the wilds you want your gear to hold up and perform. The Puffle is all of that. Yes, you will have to pay a bit for quality but a $50 camp quilt will not compete with a Puffle. Should you buy a Puffle? Yes! It is one of the safe and satisfying options!

We really appreciate the time and effort you've taken in sharing this review, Paul. We are delighted to know that our Puffles served their purpose and were perfect for you and loved by your family. Thanks for trusting the Sierra Madre products!

Snow pixie
Fabulous versatility

I now own 4 Puffles. Two 40*, two 20*. Started out just wanting a hammock under blanket. Perfect cocoon! It needs to be freezing to need more than my puffy jacket inside of the 40* Puffle. Liked them so much I bought enough to hammock camp in late winter with the grandkids. Versatility kicks in ultralight backpacking. One Puffle keeps 2 grandkids warm tent camping above the tree line in a PNW summer. Great piece of gear!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this fantastic review. This fuels us to do more for the comfort of our wildlings. We appreciate your support!

Austin Walters
Smooth, snug, vegan comfort.

Not only does the Puffle 20 degree keep me warm, the fabric feels great and I also appreciate Sierra Madre having a product offering that is vegan friendly. In the outdoor product space finding something in the way of insulation/jackets/etc., that can be difficult to find. Great product with careful thought into product implementation. Would definitely recommend. 5/5 stars.

Awesome! Thanks for this wonderful review, Austin. We appreciate your support!


"The medium size works perfectly as a compression bag for my 10-degree sleeping bag. The design allows it to double as a leg or a hand warmer is just brilliant. Nice job, Sierra Madre!"