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Customer Reviews

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Steven Midthun
Promises to be perfect!

Received and tested the Heated Compression Sack. This will be perfect for my chilly, chilly wife who likes to hike and camp in the cool Midwest. I suspect this will be a regular travel companion!

Thank you so much for the time and effort to send us this review with a 5-star rating, Steven. It means the world to us. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

spencer carson

i wish i had one of each product. all high quality and great customer service..

Thank you so much for the time and effort to send us this review with a 5-star rating, Spencer. It means the world to us. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

Renee W

I purchased the hot pocket a few months back but my trip was delayed by a few months.

Have moved into my motorhome and thankfully had this gem and my puffle (which is like sleeping wrapped in the softest clouds) during some welcomed rain that had rolled in for a few days, right as I got my first camp site!

Not being fully set up I had to quickly set up enough camp to function.

I was cold, wet, first night on a jack knife couch, and beginning to mentally prepare for a rough sleep..

Quickly watched the gear guide videos with great optimism!!

I…. Couldnt…Be…Happier….


The blue setting in the bottom of my puffle kept me snug as a bug right till morning.. where I was still sooo warm that the idea of getting out of my cocoon of warmth and comfort, was totally rejected and I settled back in for an extra 2 hrs of sleep… Until natured called and could no longer be denied!! Lol

It’s been a few nights now and I cant imagine my trip with out the hot pocket.

Ingenious ideas on making it a pack sack, or arm/foot sleeves… I’ve obviously tried all the training video positions now as well as a few “i wonder if it can do this” options but tucked into my puffle for bed is where it’s at for me.

Its really quick to charge and doesnt drain my battery bank. Barely detectable.

I cant wait to try my other products. Each will be tested throughly and reviewed.

The puffle was used along with my hot pocket and must say being able to put my hot pocket on my lap and wrap myself ku-by-ya style in the puffle, utilizing the snaps to modify the puffle shape to my position is super handy over zippered bags, respectively. I was able to tent myself in my puffle, with my hot pocket on my lap, while I read a book waiting for the rain to stop.

1 point for puffle on this hot pocket review.

Everything is incredibly soft.

The End

Wow! That's great, Renee! We appreciate your time and effort in writing us this review with a 5-star rating. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre gear! :)

Hot Pocket

This is so awesome it is like a warm soft blanket of comfort for those chilly nights out on the trail or just hanging out around the house or any outing.

Thanks for your time and effort in sending us this 5-star review, Gary! Love the photo. We appreciate your support! :)