Pufflo Camp Pillow


Pufflo Camp Pillow gives you softness and support!

The Pufflo offers a fresh look on the camp pillow! Giving you the benefit of support and plush comfort without feeling like you're sleeping on a pool toy! We wrapped the supportive air chamber in plush 3Dpufl insulation in order to create a restful experience every time you drift off to slumber!

Pufflo Specifications

Customer Reviews

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Great Hammock Pillow

Just ordered this pillow for an upcoming camping trip at the beach. It worked out great. It’s adjustable firmness is awesome, it’s incredibly soft (I found it frequently in my older son’s hammock), and it’s the perfect size for our hammocks.

Great hybrid pillow!

I took the pufflo with me hiking to Maine Huts and Trails. It took up a bit more space in my pack than I would’ve liked (about 3x larger than an inflatable pillow) but for me the comfort level outweighs the larger packed size. I can not sleep well on an inflatable. The cushion was very comfortable and it’s nice to inflate to your desired firmness. I will definitely be using this for upcoming trips.


Love how you can adjust it for the support you need

Great pillow but not the greatest pillow

For this brand, I dig it a lot. I travel with it on the road & rode with it on the airplane. Great pillow but not for 40 dollars (you can find it for much cheap & do it yourself for 20-25 dollars cheaper based on your preferance.) I hit on the road trip, this pillow is great, for sure, however I often ditch it and pulled out my best pillow and put my best sleep on it. When I took it on the airplane, I realized I can't bring my best pillow (too bulk for it) & it was like FABULOUSLY! Easy to pack it and pull it out when you need it. I ended up staying at residental school where they provided one the most flat pillow (not comfort) and I ditched it and sleep on this pillow, I sleep well through the night. I am strongly recommend you to get this if you're up for light backpacking & traveling on the air. (not on the road trip.) I am looking forward to test this pillow when hit on the canoeing trip.

Great Pillow

The pufflo is built very well, seals tight and is super lightweight. It will be my new backpacking pillow. I got it while they were having the $10 promotion with shipping. I wish I grabbed a couple more while they were so cheap but I hadn't tried this brand and wanted to try it first. I must say I am impressed by the quality of the product. I ove the Pufflo. There is only one thing I would change on the Pufflo and that is the fabric on the top. It feelsl ike a sleeping bag and Id perfer a softer fabric like polyester or cotton at least on the front where you lay your head. Nothing that wasn't easily fixable. I just cut a small thin pillowcase and sewed it to size to put on the pufflo and it fits easily in the carry sack. Perfect Pillow!