Pares Hammock


Elite Hammock Comfort!

The Pares™ Hammock is our premium 11 foot camping hammock. It's superior strength and the highest quality of material offers ample space and comfort for you – and a few friends! Sprawl out anywhere you want the Pares's premium comfort may have you tossing your bedroom mattress! Our proprietary Teslon fabric gives the perfect blend of Soft Handfeel, durable Strength, and just the right comfort stretch, your diagonal lay has never been better! Climb rated carabiners included!

Customer Reviews

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my first madre item

Well, this was my first sierra madre item and I have place another couple of orders already. I can't wait to get everything outside and enjoy it!!

So much room!

This is definitely the Caddy of all my hammocks, perfect for diagonal lay, roomy enough for two, clipping up the sides in your Nube really keeps out the wind if it gets to cold.

Two brilliant recent US exports ...Joe Bonamassa and Sierra Madre Air Camp Stuff!!

I bought 5 Pares Hammocks about 3 years each for 4 of my 7 grandchildren for Xmas presents, and one for Grandad (me).
Best Xmas present ever say the grandkids - although they may have said that to keep me happy!!!??? The two boys are in the Scouts and have great fun seeing how many scouts can fit in the Pares - best so far is 9......
I haven't stopped using my Pares and have found it easy to string up and extremely much so that i'm always reluctant to get up in the morning!!! I have recently purchased a Nube which is a fantastic improvement from the Tarp I had used previously...where ever I go it is always the talking point of fellow campers.

Also great to support such a caring outward looking American company which supports those in the world who do not have a source of safe drinking water.

Best hammock on the market for the price

Not much more to add than what’s already been said. The pares is the only hammock I’ve been able to find that both my wife and I can take a nap in together comfortably. Love the adjustment handles, something I never felt the need for, but use often now that I have them, same for the side D rings. I carefully cut the attached stuff sack off, so that I can just clip it on the side D rings when needed, and can alternate between the included stuff sack and a slightly larger one, depending on the situation. The material is unbelievable, provides the perfect amount of stretch. I never thought I’d find a hammock I like more than my warbonnet, but wow, I almost never even use the warbonnet anymore. I love the pares so much that I had to install some indoor hooks so I can enjoy the amazing restful sleep it provides. The only minor complaint: wish it came in solid colors or camo colors. I really wish I could buy a solid dark olive color, I’ve considered dying mine but I don’t want to compromise the DWR treatment... thank you SMR!!

Hands Down Better Than The Eno Doublenest

I used to have an Eno Doublenest, which I thought was the best that was available. Well, I was horribly wrong. Everything about the Pares Hammock is superior, including how well I slept. I am not a big guy at 5' 7", but no matter how I would lay the Eno would eventually taco me or force me to sleep in a ball. Not the Pares! I can easily stretch out, lay diagonally, kick a foot out and superman into this amazing hammock.

I recently took it with me on a night hike in the snow to a secluded cabin in the cascade mountains. I will admit that the Solo probably would have been a better choice since the cabin is on the small side, but I do not have one of those (yet) and I was able to achieve enough of a sag for my small frame. I also placed my Nemo Cosmo 25 mattress pad inside of the hammock to help with not being stretched far enough, create more of a structure and give me a little insulation. One of the best nights sleeps I have had in a long time!!

I very much look forward to using the Pares more often. Thanks, Sierra Madre Research for creating such a wonderful product and at the same time doing something good for those in the world that are lacking. If more companies operated the way you did we would live in a much better world.