Inferno Top Quilt + Under Quilt

$449.00 $508.00

Inferno Insulation System

  • Incredible warmth from premium 800 FP goose down insulation
  • Engineered to circulate maximum heat when Air Camping
  • Buttery soft fabric that is water resistant & tear resistant
  • First of kind TopQuilt offers complete head protection
  • TopQuilt backless design makes slipping it on easy 
  • Form fit UnderQuilt shapes to your body
  • UnderQuilt's single connection points keep setup simple
  • Lifetime of Adventures Guarantee


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

First off, I received this on a night I ran out of kindling for my fire. I live in a cabin in Maine and figured I’d give it a shot indoors. I do have another heating system but I kept that low. I was nice and toasty! I got this for work (I’m a stagehand and sleep under the stage). I love how it’s compact and leaves more room for my car.

Comfy inside and out

On cool nights the inferno top with it’s super soft fabric is a pleasure to lay in inside sitting in an easy chair.

Love the Warmth

I love my Inferno. I got mine last year just in time for our trip to Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving. Though our family had a cabin, I brought all my Sierra Madre gear and camped out. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I really got to put the Inferno to the test. The coldest it got was the upper 20s and I was completed comfortably the whole night. My head got a little too warm at one point and suck it out and used the hood part as a pillow. On a side note, my heater in my house has been broke and don’t have a spare money to get it fixed. I’ve been slipping in my Inferno in bed and loving it. It’s very comfortable.

Zero degree Inferno system A+

I have used my zero degree Inferno system now for 2 years winter camping and it has kept me toasty warm. I have most of your gear and have been able to get in on two of your kickstarter programs. I am patiently waiting for my Ninox and fly to arrive.

A Bubble of Warmth

I took my inferno out backpacking recently and it preformed like a charm. The quilts compress impressively and are ultralight. The weather was quite cold and wet but when I got in my hammock for the night I was toasty warm. Because of the lack of a zipper, you can't vent the bag as easily when you get hot but how can you complain that something is too warm.