Ninox Fly Pole Kit

The Ninox Pole Kit is a must have for your Ninox Fly. It snaps in and allows you to spread out the Ninox Fly, instantly creating more interior space for you and your gear. You can also snap it in on one side of the wings to open the Fly up for porch mode, giving you a beautiful window to the outside

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First trip

It was Great.....—

Love this! The pictures look great!
Perfect Nights Sleep

I had a excellent backdrop on the Manistee River in Michigan, to hang and test out the new gear. I was not disappointed. I was treated to two perfect nights of sleep, what a great product! Now I have a new piece of gear to add to my winter camp set-up, come on snow!

Looks gorgeous, Todd! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your gear!! :) Keep adventuring!

Well after living in my Nubé for four days in the rain on a trip I came home to my Ninox sitting on my back porch. The Ninox feels so much better to lay in, I didn't think it would be that much better than the Pares because the Pares is amazing. I haven't gotten to set up the fly yet except at the beach on the ground but it worked well for that!

So stoked to hear that, Nate! Thanks for sharing :)
Love it so far!

I just got my Ninox and so far it seems great. I've only set it up in the backyard, but intend to take it to Hawaii with me. Very comfortable and I can honestly say that I lay pretty flat in it. Still working on the best tautness, but so far so good and it works really well with the Ninox fly and pole kit. Tried it with both regular and porch setup.

Sarah, I'm happy to hear that! Be sure to take and share pictures when you're in Hawaii!!