Pares Hammock


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Very well maded

This product is well maded! This went up easy, very comfortable and looks awesome!

Happy to hear that, Greg! Enjoy that oh-so-cozy Pares!! :)
Get a grip!

Tried the Pares this past weekend hambunking with my girlfriend in our Nubé. Great hammock! I love the handles on it. I had no idea I was even missing that kind of feature on other hammocks. Makes it super easy and convenient to shift and position yourself in the hammock especially with someone hambunking over you.


We love it!!! Best hammock ever!

Great for Scout camp 2019

I bought my Pares hammock with a Nube MKIII for use at scout camp this year. I was very impressed with the hammock after sleeping in it for 6 nights. It was very comfortable and It handled light bedding and even a sleeping bag a couple of night. Would definitely recommend to others.

First Big Hammock

As a newbie to hammock camping I don't have much experience to rate hammocks by. My first hammock was a 9'-6" low budget hammock given to me as a gag gift on my retirement. I have actually slept 4 nights in it and, although it seemed comfortable enough I have yet to get a good nights sleep in it. Maybe because I am 6'-3" and could not get a good diagonal lay. I decided on the Pares because of the size thinking that might be the solution. I did a quick back yard test and, at first, I was underwhelmed, but after fiddling with an adjustable ridgeline I think I found the sweet spot. When I got back in it I got that feeling that I hear often expressed by youtube reviewers when they say, "This feels too good to get out." Unfortunately an approaching rainstorm forced me to and it has rained for the last week so I haven't had the opportunity to try sleep in it. I am impressed with the material and build quality and the nice extra touches like the sewn-in handles and D-clips. I am planning an overnight Bartram Trail hike in a couple of weeks and feel confident that this time I will have no problems sleeping in the Pares. If I do I will let you know.