Pufflo Camp Pillow


Pufflo Camp Pillow gives you softness and support!

The Pufflo offers a fresh look on the camp pillow! Giving you the benefit of support and plush comfort without feeling like you're sleeping on a pool toy! We wrapped the supportive air chamber in plush 3Dpufl insulation in order to create a restful experience every time you drift off to slumber!

Pufflo Specifications

Customer Reviews

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This pillow is awesome!

I’m so glad I saw Sierra Madre’s sale and got this for 10 bucks + shipping. Don’t let that price fool you though. This camp pillow is super comfortable, and the fill is a really nice touch so you don’t feel like you’re laying on an inflated pool toy or a garbage bag. The filler valve is one way and seals very well, and when it’s plugged it doesn’t deflate at all. I wish I would have bought more when they were 10 bucks!

Feels like home pillow

This pillow is a life changing one. You wouldn’t be able to resist it’s soft feel when taking it camping. It inflates/deflates as you snap your fingers. Great job!

Best camping pillow ever!

I love this little pillow! Perfect size for hammock sleeping. I’ve paid more for other camping pillows in the past, but this is by far the most comfortable one I’ve ever used. It’s so comfy that I’ve used it in my bed at home. One concern: The valve on mine is super hard to open. I don’t if that’s typical of the Pufflo, but I’m hoping it will get easier to open with use. At least you can count on the air not leaking while you sleep. I highly recommend the this pillow. It’s reasonably priced and well worth the money!

A thing I never knew I needed

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect with this but I had won a gift certificate SMR had donated to our raffle for Homes for our Troops at our yearly group hang in Southern California and decided to give it a shot.

This thing is RAD. I thought I would end up using it for car camping only but it is way lighter than I thought it would be and I'm fairly certain it's going to go with me on The JMT this summer. It super warm, comfortable, and packs up relatively small. Certainly small enough for the added comfort.

Highly recommended!

Funny name / Feels AMAZING!

No idea how to say it haha but this little guy is my new favorite travel pillow! Super soft topper and a supportive inner pad - this is deluxe!

Quality is superb and the fabric is softer than my home pillow