Stratos 4 Season Combo

$899.00 $991.00

Ready for 4th season Hammock Camping?

This combo pack includes everything you need to hammock camp in the winter! Includes your Stratos Hammock Shelter and Stratos Winter Barrier for full element protection, the Inferno Insulation system for incredible warmth, and our Pares Camping Hammock for restful comfort!

**The Stratos Fly is an asymmetric design created for a head left / feet right lay.**

You will receive the following:

- (1) Stratos Hammock Shelter (Fly and Shield)

- (1) Inferno 0°F Top Quilt

- (1) Inferno 0°F Under Quilt

- (1) Stratos Winter Barrier

- (1) Pares Hammock + (2) Carabiners

- (1) set of EZSlings

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great System

I own hammock systems from two other companies but this is the best by far! The other two will be loaners from now on. A lot of thought put into these products and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Thanks for the feedback, James! Happy to hear it :)
Slept Great

I really liked the stratos system. I only wish the
Hammock was not as noisy a fabric. Otherwise, I have really enjoyed it!

The only way I will camp

Love the bunk bed feature and gear stash. I haven’t been this comfortable sleeping in the wilderness in awhile.

Great shelter system! Very versatile

The space inside the full setup is fantastic! Soooo much room! I love that I can remove the bug net or rain fly. Easy to setup. The rain fly material seems very thin for true waterproofing. I haven’t tried it out yet in the wild wilderness (only my backyard) but I am excited to use it!

These are awesome!

I got my stratos starter kit because I wanted a high quality hammock to replace my less nice hammock and I also wanted a way to keep out of the rain and to keep the bugs off me since the bugs love to attack me when I’m try to enjoy the outdoors. This system is wicked easy to set up and take down and the fact that it’s modular is awesome and adds a definite cool factor! If you’re looking for an all in one system for warmer weather (because this doesn’t come with the inferno system) it’s amazing and you won’t regret your purchase!