Stratos Starter Combo

$349.00 $417.00

Hammock Camping Starter kit!

This combo includes everything you need to start Hammock Camping! The Kit includes your Stratos Hammock Shelter, providing rain protection, insect protection, and gear storage; our premium comfort Pares Hammock; EZSlings suspension for a quick knot free setup!

**The Stratos Fly is an asymmetric design created for a head left / feet right lay.**

You will receive the following:

- (1) Stratos Hammock Shelter (Fly and Shield)

- (1) Pares Hammock + (2) Carabiners

- (1) set of EZSlings

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
These are awesome!

I got my stratos starter kit because I wanted a high quality hammock to replace my less nice hammock and I also wanted a way to keep out of the rain and to keep the bugs off me since the bugs love to attack me when I’m try to enjoy the outdoors. This system is wicked easy to set up and take down and the fact that it’s modular is awesome and adds a definite cool factor! If you’re looking for an all in one system for warmer weather (because this doesn’t come with the inferno system) it’s amazing and you won’t regret your purchase!

Great products

Great product quality, and the very best customer service I have ever run into. I think the price point is a little high. But I would totally recommend all these products.

Great product

This hammock shelter is unlike anything on the market. The quality of material and the quality of customer service goes unmatched.

A Novel Way to Camp

As a first-time backpacker and hammock camper, this set up surpassed expectations. We went on a 3 day hike on the Juan de Fuca trail—lots of gulleys and techy trails meant having lighter packs would be an advantage (on the trail and in the airport). The set up, complete with under/upper quilt to keep me toasty, fly net from the bottom to stop summer bugs, and rain fly from the top to stop any potential wetness from above made me feel way more protected. Instead of attempting to cushion my sore muscles with a pad, I felt comfortable hanging in the air. Though I don’t have experience hammocking much, set up wasn’t too bad, even after getting to our campsite at midnight. I’d recommend this for someone that doesn’t want to lug a tent, hikes/sleeps solo, but doesn’t want to go completely minimalist and sacrifice comfort. Can’t wait to get out again!