Winter Barrier


*** Compatible with the Nubé mk iii and the Stratos***

Customer Reviews

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I love the fact that it's light and easy to put up put together very well

Warming hammock camping

It really helps make for a warmer sleep. Keeps the wind off, and the whole nube shelter feels warmer. It doesn't add very much weight or bulk to a pack.


Definitely works well. Added probably 10-15 degrees of warmth and kept the wind out. Great accessory.

So close to perfection

The Stratos barrier works very well and I am very happy with it. The only problem is a design flaw, you can't use it without the Stratos Shield. In the winter here in Sweden, there are no mosquitoes, so the Stratos Shield is unnecessary. In the summer and autumn is wonderful, but in the winter its just excess weight. I never need to use both at the same time. Think I will try to build a homemade module to my Stratos barrier so I can use it without Stratos Shield.

Hi Walter, thanks so much for the feedback here! You bring up a great point, it's a fine line in creating a standalone winter product and a complimentary product. As you have correctly pointed out in some places there are no insects when it is cold enough for the Stratos Winter Barrier, and in some places you can still deal with insects during a time you might use the Stratos Winter Barrier. In your case it is very possible to mod the Stratos Winter Barrier to work with out the Shield, we'll look into this more and see if we can help provide some info for you! Thanks for the feedback - we sure do appreciate it!