Which Hot Pocket Power Pack Do I Need?


I suppose that's kind of like asking what kind of shoes you should put on in the morning...

It all depends on what your day looks like!

For the Hot Pocket, we wanted you to have options! We know that not all adventures are the same and your gear should adapt to fit the journey at hand. 

That's why we created two power pack options for the Hot Pocket—the Power Pack UL and Power Pack XL.

Power Pack Key Facts

The UL is a smaller, lightweight option (approximately 9 ounces) that provides up to six hours of continuous heat at low power. It's more than enough to heat a weekend walkabout or keep you toasty during a frigid outdoor football game. (Power Pack UL is included with your Hot Pocket)

The XL doesn't weigh all that much more (approximately 14 ounces total), but it boosts your potential heating time to 9-10 hours so you can fend off the cold for even longer! 

Power Pack Specifications

During the post-campaign survey ONLY, you'll be able to upgrade to the Power Pack XL for just $39!  

Andy Shocked

Have questions about the Power Packs? We have answers!

Go ahead and leave your questions and comments in the form below and we'll get back to you as quick as we can.

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  • Hi, your being very generous
    You give some people an inch and they want the whole 9 yards
    I would personally like to thank you for your generosity just keep doing what you’re doing.

    James S Harlanyou Give Some people an Inch And They Want Thew on
  • @Tom Moose
    We will be sending you a post campaign survey sometime between May 27-June 7 that will allow you to upgrade AND purchase additional battery packs! (YAY😬)

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Hello! Could you provide a link for where I can upgrade? And will we be able to purchase extra battery packs for long trips?

    Tom Moose on
  • All Hot Pockets will come with a UL Battery Pack.
    UL in it’s purest form will be 14.4v x 3000mah.

    We have created the XL Battery Pack as an (+$40) upgrade in case those avid adventurers need double the battery life! The larger battery only weighs 5oz more than the UL battery pack and gives you twice the charge 🔋🔋
    XL in it’s purest form will be 14.4v x 6000mah

    If you do not wish to upgrade to the XL Battery Pack that is totally up to you! It is not necessary by any means. We just thought it would be nice to give you guys that surprise option 😊

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Hii guys! So many great questions 😬🔋
    I’ll try to answer them best I can.

    We’re making two different batteries one will be the UL and the other the XL.

    -UL in it’s purest form will be 14.4v x 3000mah
    -XL in it’s purest form will be 14.4v x 6000mah

    We will not be shipping the Hot Pocket without the battery packs. All Hot Pockets will be shipped with a UL battery unless upgraded to a XL.

    The power packs have 5 battery indicators dots that will help you determine the level of power!

    @Steve Cavanaugh
    The battery will carry through an airport using the same rules and regulations as the average portable battery. Most airports require devices larger than your cellular device to be placed in the checked bins for carry-on. The HP battery will apply to that rule meaning it will safely go through security as a carry-on :)

    @Delia B Roberts
    It would be super convenient if you could charge the Hot Pocket simply by stuffing your sleeping bag into the stuff sack, but unfortunately it does not work like that. You would need a portable battery or some power source. Luckily the Hot Pocket automatically comes with a UL Power Bank for your convenience!

    All of our Hot Pockets contain the same heat panels. No matter what size Hot Pocket you have, the UL battery will provide up to six hours of continuous heat at low power!

    The answer is yes! There will be an option to purchase multiple batteries during the Post Campaign Survey. We will start to send those out May 27-June 7 so be on the lookout!

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Woooww!! Looks great! It could be a good upgrade to our hot pockets =). Thanks Sierra Madre!!

    Jacob on
  • People need to realize that there are Lithium Ion battery packs, and not your average USB battery pack. They are lighter and much more efficient. Now that being said, it would have been nice to know about these options a head of time.
    Also, some answers to these questions would be nice also.

    Todd on
  • I don’t understand many of these comments. If you don’t want the product or just want to complain about it, why did you back it in the first place. And to say that the UL should be given to you for free if you upgrade to the XL is ridiculous – it still costs Sierra Marde money to make the UL. Do people not understand that backing a Kickstarter means you are funding a concept that is to go into development? You should be grateful Sierra Madre between now and when the Hot Pocket is shipped are continuing the refine the product to make it the best it can be for their customers. Sierra Madre, I hope you read this. You have my full support!

    Simon on
  • wow! such negativity on here! I guess because of my background in procurement i understand how development works. i am super excited for this product!

    Franklin on
  • I agree with some of the other posts I’ve seen: the upgrade to the XL version should be free of charge for backers, or at least the UL battery should remain included…

    Hans Tielens on

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