"Ember" Heated Jacket Launches October 1st!



1. We announced the launch date for our 7th Kickstarter campaign! October 1st, we will be going live and you'll have the opportunity back this project and score your very own heated jacket.

2. We'll be launching with a half-zip pullover AND a full-zip hooded jacket version. PLUS, we've created specific fits for male and female body types!

3. Yes, as I alluded to above, there will be a version of the jacket with and without a hood. 

4. There will be 3 color options available at launch. Black and two yet-to-be-determined shades of blue and green (we'll have more details around those colors by launch).

Give the video a watch for more juicy details and great questions.

We're so excited to share this jacket with you! We love solving real-world problems and improving peoples lives with our gear. So, we hope you'll be there with us on launch day!

We'll be in touch.

Richard :) 

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  • Please make a version of the full-zip either with NO hood, or at least with a REMOVABLE hood. Pullovers can be a pain, but hoods are very much a “sometime” thing.

    Mark Wilson on
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