Hammock 100 Feet in the Air? Sure! Why not?!

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Rainforest Rooftop Hang - Adventure Hammocking in the Costa Rican Canopy

~ Adventure by Wouter Baa ~

"So as we all know hammocks are a great way to keep off the wet ground and safe from the critters. Now, in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica... just how high would that have to be? I went ahead and got my Pares Hammock at just above 100 feet in the Costa Rican canopy and it is AWESOME! The only truly tricky bit is getting in. Now all I need is the Nubé Hammock Tent to really be able to spend a night up in the canopy."

While traveling through Central America, Wouter Baa spent many a night under the thick, mist-kissed canopy of the rainforest. While hanging in a Pares camping hammock 3 feet off the ground is delightful in itself, there is something the monkeys know that we just don't. As the howler monkeys rummaged through the branches above, they announced the splendor to be found in this world 100 feet off the ground. Wouter just had to go up, and hang like the monkeys do.  

Using a system of climbing rope, harness, and helmet, Wouter successfully hung his Pares hammock in the tallest tree top he could find.

"I don't know that something like this should be attempted with any other hammock system!"

As he shimmied over towards his bed in the clouds using only the rope attached from one tree to the other, I'm SURE he couldn't help but question the safety of his set up.  Luckily, his Pares Hammock and EZSling Hammock Suspension Straps themselves are tested at over 1,000 lbs with ridiculously strong Amsteel Blue rope loops at either end, Amsteel Blue rope knots on the EZSlings, and Climbing Carabiners strong enough to bear 5,000lbs! Talk about an important time to know you can trust your gear! 

Seated like the ape king in his thrown above the canopy, Wouter just marveled at the glorious site above the tree line. This awesome feat had been conquered, now he could just chill for a bit, and of course, wave to his friends far below! 

SMr Camping Gear Used in This Adventure: 

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