Tired of Restless Night's in the Wild? 

Do you want to feel at ease about the rain and mud plus get a good nights sleep during your camping trips?

Let’s face it, you don’t LOVE everything about camping.

And that’s okay but what if we could make those less enjoyable elements a thing of the past.

It’s possible…


Start Air Camping TODAY with your Coupon for a FREE Sierra Madre camping hammock, the perfect companion to our Nubé Hammock Shelter. 

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Are you letting the cold, wet weather determine (or stop) your camping plans?

Tired (literally!) from tents that give you sleepless nights and back pain?

If you’re being honest, it downright SUCKS:

  • Wasted Time - You spend hours (maybe days or weeks) planning your trip and praying for good weather
  • Unsatisfied - You've carried a thicker pad in your backpack for uneven or course ground and still wake up unsatisfied and in a crotchety mood.
  • Vulnerable - You've tried a "waterproof" tent or tarp for when the rain came but that didn't work!

TRUTH: your efforts thus far haven’t helped you get the most out of your "relaxation" time in the outdoors. Maybe it’s helped you get outdoors but you still somehow backslide into unease when you think of camping in cold and wet weather.

We know because we’ve seen campers struggle with it over and over again that’s why we engineered the Nubé.

The Sierra Madre Nubé, is an innovation born out of a campers dilemma, to find one solution for rain protection, insect protection, accessible gear storage and a comfortable nights rest.


It's the preferred gear for campers who want to make the most of their adventures rain or shine.


✅ Nubé is designed for the most comfortable air camping experience so that you can have a full night sleep and wake up fresh without the sore, cold, tired muscles.


✅ It’s lightweight and easy to pack and the material is strong. Campers have taken it on trips to the heart of the rainforest during a monsoon or the rocky mountain in the dead of winter and stayed dry.


✅ The craftsmanship is second to none. Proven by thousands of Sierra Madre fans who have owned and used the camping gear for years and continue to choose the Nubé as their primary camping solution.


✅ Engineered with attention to detail for rain protection, insect protection, sun protection and gear storage that is also protected from the rain and mud.


✅ 100% Gear Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Nubé within the first 30 days ship it back and get a full product refund.

Get Your Coupon for a FREE Sierra Madre camping hammock, the perfect companion to our Nubé Hammock Shelter. 

Limited Coupons Available*with purchase of Nubé Hammock Shelter

Because you know what happens when you finally have a high-quality solution crafted by outdoor people for outdoor people that can be trusted in wet weather conditions, You Will:

  • Camp More - because Nubé removes the unease of camping in rain and keeps you and your gear fully protected from wet weather and mud...
  • Access to the Wild - better access to more remote areas where you wouldn't be able to set-up a typical ground tent...
  • Energy - a comfortable nights sleep gives you energy for your adventures and helps you relax in the wild...
  • Freedom - you're no longer challenged by unexpected weather conditions and have more freedom to explore the outdoors when you want and how you want!

Imagine being able to achieve all that with the Nubé Hammock Shelter and our FREE camping hammock. You'll have a proven combo that you can use again and again in the rain, shine, mud or storm. You'll actually get to feel at Home in the Wild.

Here's What Our Customers are Saying...

"I’m sure some can relate that when you’re outside in the pouring rain, you really don’t wanna get wet. This might make some people stay inside because they don’t trust their gear to keep them dry. To be able to get outside whenever, however and wherever you wish and have a good time while outside to me is worth a LOT! That's why I love Nubé, that's why I trust it." Tom

"I set up a Nube shelter with a Ninox hammock on my property to test everything out. We're on a side of a mountain so I was in terrain that fits my area. Little did I know that a ferocious storm would hit me that night. It rained buckets for four hours straight with winds that gusted down from the top of the mountain (estimated 45 mph gusts). I've been in plenty of storms before but never one so intense and of such long duration. I feared that some of the guy lines might break free from the soaked soil, or that rain would get in through the tubes where the hanging ropes go, but to my pleasant surprise, everything held and stayed dry; the Nube shelter handled the wind with ease." TomcatNC

"The nubé cured everything I disliked about my previous setup (eno tarp) no more line drip on head and feet, and total protection all around, especially with winter barrier! When I got it everything was as expected and even more surprised about the excess room!" Jeremy

"Durable product. Lives up to what's promoted. (One) initiative. My primary go to camping solution. Keep doing what you are doing. I'd love to own everything but the budget doesn't always align. Would love the lighter weight solution of stratos but at least I have the full Nube system instead" Chris

"I have had the núbe for almost 2 years now and the thing is amazing. I have taken it to the rocky mountains in the dead of winter and stayed dry. I have been in some crazy rain storms in it and it holds up very well. The only down side is when you trying to take a nap in summer the inside gets hot quick, but that's the same with every tent. It's a one of a kind product and would highly recommend this to any backpacker or camper out there. Keep up the good work." Jared

"My girlfriend and I had the opportunity to test our New Nubé MK III this last weekend and we loved it. We hambunked , her in an xplor and me in a pares. It is very spacious, didn’t feel cramped or confined at all. She and I both agree the organization of all the lines and how everything has its place is amazing." Peter

This is one of our all time favorites ????

Get Your Coupon for a FREE Sierra Madre camping hammock, the perfect companion to our Nubé Hammock Shelter!

Limited Coupons Available*with purchase of Nubé Hammock Shelter

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